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Dear Sir/Madam/Chairperson/ Directors'/ HoD's/ Research Scholars'/ Teachers,

Prerna Society of Technical Education and Research, New Delhi, India is an established Social Researchers Group focused on the development of radical new technologies that span a diverse set of applications. Our team is comprised of engineering; design, manufacturing and quality professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions and advanced technologies.

 We feel great pleasure to thank you for spending sometimes to go through our website. We are pleased to introduce our organization Prerna Society of Technical Education and Research. The Prerna Society of Technical Education and Research environment and culture serves to remove obstacles to creativity and develop innovative products that keep the company on the leading edge. The opportunity to create new solutions to customer problems and the knowledge that we are making a major contribution to the company's success keeps us totally energized.

 Our aim has always been to be our client's trusted Information and Communication Technology Provider, and we have been fortunate to secure some of overseas most prestigious clients in main sectors such as mobile and embedded systems.

 Our experiences in serving market leaders have been invaluable in shaping our business in more than one way, especially in delivering timely and quality services. With our strong team conviction, support of our international partners, strategic business alliances and long term clients we continue our growth to become the leading group in the overseas and domestic market.

 It is our experience that successful companies view Information and Communication Technology as absolutely crucial to their revenue and profit growth, especially under economic uncertainty and fierce competition. The top managements of these companies spend an increasing amount of time on technology issues to ensure their technology investments are aligned with their business strategies. They use IT as the strategic weapon to gain edge over competition, reach new markets, manage costs and improve the operations efficiency.

 The Internet has added a whole new dimension to the power of Information and Communication Technology, and Organizations must think hard about transforming their businesses to leverage the power of Internet. They must do so internally to share knowledge amongst employees and externally with customers, partners and suppliers to share information and conduct business. We have taken a number of initiatives to bring the power of Internet technologies to our customers. 


A Complete Research Assistance for all streams PhD and Master:

PSTER is pleased to present with a proposal for offering consulting services and complete assistance for your research requirements. It is a Research and Development enterprise, with over a decade of experience is positioned to successfully respond to trends and changes in the information technology industry.

Our Expertise:

  • Guidance and development using NS3/NS2, MATLAB, IoT, BI, SAS,  BIGDATA, HADOOP, JAVA, C,C++, VC++, IDL, SIMULINK, Lab View, DOT Net, OPNet, QualNet etc...
  • Ability to architect research system software and guide PhD Scholars.
  • Proven through several paper publications in International conferences and Journals SciIndexing, Scopus, IEEE, Elsevier, UGC affiliated, etc..
  • Higher performance due to our in depth domain experience.


The PSTER Advantage:

The common goal of research ultimately is to achieve technological ascendency, improve productivity and competitiveness. Consulting research requirements with us can impact in the following ways:

  • Enhance capability in key competitive areas or cutting edge technologies
  • Partner with experts to increase innovation.
  • Increase the ability to focus on core competencies.
  • Spend time to materialize.
  • We look forward to for a mutuality rewarding relationship with you.

 The Extent we serve:

We undertake consultation through the following plan:

CCP (Complete Consultant Plan), we shall help in,

  • Identifying the right university
  • Identifying the Guide
  • Identifying the domain sub-area
  • Problem identification and Research Gap
  • Devising solutions for the problem
  • Crafting new proposals
  • Literature survey
  • Comparative analysis
  • Preparation of mathematical models
  • Implementation of research work
  • Obtaining results for publication
  • Documentation on par with International standards
  • Publishing papers in the guide specific number of journals or conferences maximum 4 thesis preparation.

 PCP (Partial Consultant Plan), we shall help in,

  • Problem Identification
  • Devising solutions for the problem
  • Crafting new proposals
  • Literature survey
  • Comparative analysis
  • Preparation of Mathematical models
  • Implementation of Research work.
  • Obtaining results for publication.
  • Documentation on par with international standards
  • Publication of paper in,


Grade I, Reputed International Journals

Grade II, General International journals and Conference/National journals.



  • Networking & Communication
  • Image processing
  • Wireless sensor Networks
  • Signal processing
  • Biometrics
  • Mobile computing
  • Cluster computing
  • Medical image processing
  • Bio medical Engineering
  • Data mining
  • Data warehousing
  • Wireless Networks
  • Control systems
  • Multimedia
  • Grid computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Evolutionary computing
  • Soft computing
  • Pattern recognition
  • Security & privacy
  • Parallel Distributed system
  • Software Engineering
  • Affective computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Bio informatics
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Web mining
  • Power system
  • Power electronics
  • Robotics
  • Embedded system
  • VLSI
  • Communication System
  • Product Engineering
  • Supply chain management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Quantum computing
  • Green computing


The Team:

PSTER Intelligentsia comprises expert’s immense experience and they take care of the following activities:

Researchers:      Identify attractive research problems and nurture solutions in all the domains.

Industry:              Deal with analysis basically professionals in sun, Microsoft, Linux, technologies.

Research Professionals: Perform implementation of solutions using Matlab, NS3/NS2, IoT, SPSS, INOVA, JAVA, OPNET, QUALNET, IDL, SIMULINK, Lab view, C++, Data Science, AI Tools, R- Language, Python  and Other research tools.

Hardware Experts: Deal with Hardware Research, Design, interfacing with system prototyping the methodologies, etc.

Mathematicians: Craft mathematical methods for the solutions.

Technical writers: Assist in documentation of journal and conference papers.

Language Polishers: Native English speaking scientific persons who specialize in scientific and technical writing.


Apart from offering complete assistance, we offer inter infrastructural set up on demand as a test bed for experimenting researches.

  • Mobile/wireless/sensor networks using NS2, NS3, OPNET, QUALNET, MATLAB, Java, C++
  • Actual data sets for testing data mining, image processing, pattern recognition solutions.
  • Licensed software tools like Matlab, .Net for Imaging Biometrics, QUALNET,OPNET, Turnity Software  etc.
  • Well –equipped electronics lab and IT lab.
  • Data sources for experimenting researches.
  • We have associated with the more than 3100 reputed International and National Journals including Scopus, Thomson Routers, Sci-Indexing, IEEE etc

Journal Paper is writing for SCOPUS, IEEE, Springer Listed, UGC Care, SCI, WOS, Elsevier, Emerald, Taylor and Francis, Wiley online, Sage, Springer, ABCD, NAAS, Inderscience, Thompson Reuters ..etc.

Proven through several paper publications in International conferences and Journals SCI, SCOPUS, IEEE, Elsevier, Springer Listed, UGC Care, Doubled Blind Peer-Reviewed, Refereed National and International Journals, etc.

Guidance and development using AI Latest tools, NS3/NS2, MATLAB, IoT, BI, SPSS, AMOS, Python, GIS, R, SAS, BIGDATA, HADOOP, JAVA, C, C++, VC++, IDL, SIMULINK, Lab View, DOT Net, OPNet, QualNet, etc...


Complete Research Packages:

Package 01: Rs. 60,000/- ,Time Duration- 45-60 Days

i)          Synopsis, ii) Thesis writing iii) 02 UGC Care Paper writing and Publication iv) One month (12 Classes)+ PPT Research Awareness Classes with Certification

Package 02: Rs. 100,000/- , Time Duration- 03-04 Months

i)          Synopsis, ii) Thesis writing and Implementation iii) 02 Scopus Paper writing and without Publication iv) One month (12 Classes)+ PPT Research Awareness Classes with Certification

Package 03: Rs. 125,000/- + Time Duration-  04-05 Months

i)          Synopsis, ii) Thesis writing and implementation iii) 02 Scopus Paper writing and  with Publication iv) PPT v) One month (12 Classes)Research Awareness Classes with Certification + LTM of Prerna Society

Package 04: Rs. 200,000/-  Time Duration-  9-10 Months

i)          Synopsis, ii) Thesis writing and Implementation  iii) 02 SCI Paper writing guidance and Publication iv) PPT v) One month (12 Classes)  Research Awareness Classes with Certification vi) LTM

Package 05: Rs. 1,50,000/-+ 18%GST  [ 12 Months International Research Program]


Package 06: Direct PhD Admission (Engineering, Science, Management, Architecture, Humanities, Medicine, Commerce, Literature)

                       Universities: Private/Deemed/ UGC Recognized,   Hurry Up Limited Seat.

Time- 3 -3.5Years ,                               Fees- 3,50,000/-                       Session- 2021-2024

i)          Synopsis, ii) Thesis writing iii) 02 Paper writing guidance and Publication iv) PPT v) One month (12 Classes)  Research Awareness Classes with Certification vi) LTM of PSTER

Package 07: Rs. 45000/-  Time Duration-  30-45 Days

i)          Book writing, Publication with ISBN Number, Sell on Amazon with 80% royalty, 05 copies complimentary hard copies  

Package 08: Rs. 15000/- per Author, Time Duration-  30-45 Days

i)          Patent Service in Engineering, Science, Medical, Architecture and Management

Package 09: A) Rs. 10000/- per Author, Time Duration-  30-45 Days

i)          Paper co authorship in Scopus, Wos Journals

B) Rs. 25000/- per Author, Time Duration-  02-03 Months 

i)          Paper co authorship in SCI Journals

Package 10: A) Rs. 10000/- per Research paper writing and Publication , Time Duration-  15-25 Days

i)          10,000 Paper writing and publishing in UGC care listed Print Journals

ii)         20000 Paper writing and publication in UGC Care listed Online Journals


Note: these quotations for college/ Corporate/ Research Labs/Universities and all these paper will be published and write for active UGC Care, Scopus, SCI. and WoS etc..


Prerna Society  of Technical Education and Research Account Detail:

Please send your Consultancy fees/ donations to the following Bank with a mail to and whats app number 9811592101

Account Holder: Prerna Society of Technical Education and Research

A/C No. 916010037234426

Bank Name: Axis Bank Ltd.

IFS Code: UTIB0002951

Branch -Noida, UP-201301

PAN Number: AACAP6570H

GST Number: 07AACAP6570H1ZE

Phone Pay/Google Pay/ Paytm: 9811592101

Time estimated are not to be taken seriously these are rough estimates, due to work load and schedules the time delay is to be expected. We try to complete work on time however, due the nature of work delays is to be expected, any time related enforcement for work by the candidate is not considered by us.

It will be highly appreciated if you can circulate these Prerna Research Work guide to your colleagues.

सभी विषय से सबंधित पी एच डी / एम फिल थीसिस, रिसर्च पेपर लिखवाने हेतु सम्पर्क करे

With The Best Regards

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kumar

B.Tech(IT), M.Tech(CSE), PhD(AI), MBA(HRM)

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