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Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojna (PMKVY) 2.0
Publish Date:- 29 Mar 2017

Urgent Requirements: more then 200 Graduates needs in PAN BIHAR
Publish Date:- 24 Aug 2016

Prerna Society invites all people to participate in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
Publish Date:- 21 Oct 2014

We are dedicated for:
Publish Date:- 14 Aug 2014

Call for papers in international journals with high impact factor
Publish Date:- 12 Aug 2016
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Welcome Prerna Society of Technical Education and Research, 

This society registered under the “NCT Delhi Society Registration Act 1860” at New Delhi, India , An  ISO  9001:2008 Certified Technical society, you will get the Tax Rebate  80G & 12A for your Donations.  It is non-governmental organization formed by young, dynamic and result oriented team of highly qualified persons including those having the experience of diversified fields. Your patricipation is very important source for smoothly running this society, We are searching the same team member for state wise as well as districts wise, kindly send your latest resume at email : info@prernasociety.org, info.prernasociety@gmail.com   

Name of The society Members  Designation Address Qualification     Occupation 
01. Dr Arun Kumar President New Delhi B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD(P) Asst. Professor, at Engg. College
02. Dr A. K. Sexena  Vice President Uttrakhand B.Tech, M.Tech,PhD Professor, IIT, Roorkee, 
03. Dr. Manoj Kumar Secretary New Delhi B.Tech, M.Tech,PhD Director, Engg College
04. Dr. Sumeet  Gill Joint Secretary Haryana B.Tech, M.Tech,PhD Professor, MDU, Rohtak
05. Mr. Kishor Nath Thakur Treasurer New Delhi B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD (P) Professor
06. Dr. Sampath.S Executive  Member Karnataka B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD(P) Professor, Engg. College
07. Dr. Prabha Rastogi  Executive Member Mumbai   Professor
08. Er. Anand Nayyar Executive- Member Punjab B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD(P) Professor, Engg. College
09. Mr. Chandan Kumar Executive  Member Delhi B.Tech, M.Tech Professor, Engg., College
10. Dr. Manu Pratap Singh Executive  Member Uttar Predesh B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD(P) Professor, BRAU, Agra
11. Dr. R. S Sharma Executive  Member Bihar B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD(P) Director, RIEM, Sonepat
12. Dr. S.K Jha Executive Member Bihar B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD (P) Professor, Engg. College 
13. Dr. Rajiv Kant Executive Member Jharkhand B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD(Engg.) Professor, BIT Meshra, Ranchi
14. Ar. Nagendra Narayan Executive Member Rajasthan B. Arch, M. Arch, PhD(P) Director, OIAD, Hisar

Executive Members 

S.N Name  Designation State Email ID Contact Details
01. Dr Ashutosh Gaur President Delhi president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
02. Dr Barjesh Kochchar Secretary  Delhi secretory@prernasociety.org  0120-4546208
03. Dr  Yadhuvir Singh President Haryana president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
04. Mr Ranjan Kumar Secretary Haryana secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
05. Ar Nagendra Narayan President Punjab president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
06. Dr Hardeep Singh Secretary Punjab secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
07. Dr Manu Pratap Singh President Uttar Pradesh president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
08. Dr Rajeshwar Shukla Secretary Uttar Pradesh secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
09. Dr Anju Singh President Rajsthan president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
10. Dr.  Vijay Kumar Secretary Rajsthan secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
11. Dr R. K. Ranjan President Madhya Pradesh president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
12. Dr  Secretary Madhya Pradesh secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
13. Dr  President Andhra Pradesh president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
15. Dr Secretary Andhra Pradesh secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
16. Dr President Arunachal Pradesh president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
17. Dr Secretary Arunachal Pradesh secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
18. Dr  President Chhattisgarh president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
19. Dr Secretary Chhattisgarh secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
20. Dr President Bihar president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
21. Dr Secretary Bihar secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
22. Dr Rajeev Kant  President Jharkhand president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
23. Dr Secretary Jharkhand secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
24. Dr President Goa president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
25. Dr  Secretary Goa secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
26. Dr. P. Nagasamy Venkatesh President Karnataka president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
27. Dr. K. Ravichandran  Secretary Karnataka secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
28. Dr President Gujarat president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
29. Dr Secretary Gujarat secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
30. Dr President Assam president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
31. Dr Secretary Assam secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
32. Dr President Kerala president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
33. Dr  Secretary Kerala secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
34. Dr President Maharashtra president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
35. Dr. Secretary Maharashtra secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
36. Dr. President Manipur president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
37. Dr. Secretary Manipur secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
38. Dr. President Mizoram president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
39. Dr. Secretary Mizoram secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
40. Dr. President Nagaland president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
41. Dr. Secretary Nagaland secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
42. Dr. President Odisha president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
43. Dr. Secretary Odisha secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
44. Dr. President Tamil Nadu president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
45. Dr. Secretary Tamil Nadu secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
46. Dr. President Uttar Pradesh president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
47. Dr. Secretary Uttar Pradesh secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
48. Dr. President Tripura president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
49. Dr. Secretary Tripura secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
50 Dr. President Nagaland president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
51. Dr. Secretary Nagaland secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
52. Dr President Jammu and
president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
53. Dr Secretary Jammu and
secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
54. Dr President   president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
55. Dr. Secretary   secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
56. Dr President   president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
57. Dr. Secretary   secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
58. Dr President   president@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208
59 Dr Secretary   secretory@prernasociety.org 0120-4546208


Active Regional Members 

S.N Name  Designation State Email ID's
01. Dr Sant Raj Sonepat Haryana  
02. Mr Sushil Kamat Muzaffarpur Bihar  
03. Mr Nishant Kumar Patna Bihar  
04. Mr Manjeet Kumar Bihar Bihar  
05. Mr      
06. Dr      
07. Dr      
08. Dr      
09. Dr      
10. Dr      
11. Dr      
12. Dr      
13. Dr      
15. Dr      
16. Dr      
17. Dr      
18. Dr      
19. Dr      
20. Dr      
21. Dr      
About Prerna
The Prerna Society of Technical Education and Research is formed by young, dynamic and result oriented team of highly.
Prerna Vision
Prerna Societies are organized to cover the different engineering and computer science disciplines. The Prerna Societies are.
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The prerna society of technical education and research, New Delhi must serve as a regional, national and international research resource .
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Strive throughout the profession to make licensure more meaningful in terms of acknowledgment of individual achievement
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