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PhD Research Guide Thesis writing and Publishing
Publish Date:- 11 Dec 2020

Lockdown 03 extended by 17th May 2020 "Please help support vulnerable families who have been affecte
Publish Date:- 02 May 2020

Awareness and Fight against COVID-19
Publish Date:- 25 Apr 2020

Free Higher Education for Indian Students
Publish Date:- 20 Apr 2020

Call for papers in the below SCI / Scopus Indexed/ springer book series/ High impact factor Springer
Publish Date:- 18 Apr 2020
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Recently Added Journals

                                                                                         TITLE ISSN NO. IMPACT FACTOR Country
Internation Journal of Computer Science And Information Technology Research Excellence(IJCSITRE) 2250-2734/2250-2742 2.89  India
International Journal of Applied Science and Technology Research Excellence (IJASTRE) 2250-2718/2250-2726 2.47 India
International Interdisciplinary Journal of Education (IIJE) 2226-2717/2226-3500 3.71 Jordan
European Journal of Academic Essays (EJAE) 2183-1904 3.83 Portugal
International Design Journal (IDJ) 2090-9632/2090-9640 3.89 Egypt
Bioscience Discovery (BD) 2229-3469/2231-024x 3.29 India
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research(IJPSDR) 0975-248X 3.63 India
International Research Journal of Humanities, Engineering & Pharmaceutical Sciences(IJHEPS) 2320-2955/2249-2569 3.79 India
Advanced Management Science(AMS) 2222-4955/2222-4963 3.87 United States
International Journal of Digital Library Services(IJDLS) 2349-302X/2250-1142 3.21 India
Advances in Industrial Engineering and Management(AIEM) 2222-7059/2222-7067 3.63 United States
International Review of Management and Business Research(IRMBR) 2307-5953/2306-9007 3.13 Pakistan
International Journal of Economic and Business Management (IJEBM) 2384-6151 2.36 Nigeria
International Journal  of English Literature and Culture(IJELC) 2360-7831  5.37 Nigeria
International Journal of Political Science and Development(IJPSD) 2360-784X 4.61 Nigeria
International Journal of Academic Library and Information Science(IJALIS) 2360-7858 3.79 Nigeria
International Journal of Academic Research in Education and Review(IJARER)  2360-7866 3.801 Nigeria
Academic Research Journal of Biotechnology(ARJB) 2384-616X 2.38 Nigeria
Academic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Research(ARJASR) 2360-7874 6.302 Nigeria
.  Academic Research Journal of Psychology and Counselling(ARJPC)  2384-6178 2.119 Nigeria
International Journal of Dental and Health Sciences (IJDHS)   2348-5280 3.73 India
Journal der Pharmazie Forschung (IDPF) 2321-4368 2.83 India
International Journal of Applied research & Studies (IJARS). 2278-9480 2.93 India
International Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Bio Sciences (IJUPBS)  2319-8141 2.91 India
Asian Global Research(AGR) 2349-1574 3.27 India
Advances in Language and Literary Studies(ALLS) 2203-4714/2203-4714 3.89 AUSTRALIA
International Journal on Power Engineering and Energy(IJPEE) 2314-7318/2314-730X 3.63 EGYPT
Mathematica Aeterna- International Journal for Pure and Applied Mathematics(MA-IJPAM) 1314-3336/1314-3344 3.93 BULGARIA
Life Science Journal (LSJ) 1097-8135/2372-613X 3.93 USA
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology (IJPT) 0975-766X 3.83 INDIA
International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) 2307-4531/2307-4531 3.76 Jordan
International Journal of Information Security(IJIS) 2382-2619/2356-5845 3.78 Tunisia
International Journal of Data Mining Techniques and Applications(IJDMTA) 2278-2419 2.59 India
International Journal of Computer International Journal of Internet and Web Applications(IJCIJIWA) 2382-2554/2356-5861 3.87 Tunisia
Octa Journal of Environmental Research 2321 – 3655/2321 – 3655 2.58 India
European journal of molecular biology and biochemistry 2348 – 2192/2348 - 2206 3.43 India
American Journal of Pharmacy and Health Research 2321-3647 3.89 India
Journal of Science and Engineering 2331-5172 3.43 USA
El-Bahith Review 1112-3613 3.89 ALGERIA
AL-FATH 1996-8752 3.87 IRAQ
International Journal of advances in health sciences (IJHS) 2349-7033 2.73 India
Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences 2313-8629 3.57 PAKISTAN
International Review of Social Sciences (IRSS) 2309-0081 3.69 PAKISTAN
International Journal for Research and Development in Technology 2349-3585 3.82 India
Journal of Life Economics 2148-4139 3.83 Turkey
International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology 2394-3696 2.73 India
African Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (AJAST), Cote D’ivoire 2311-5882 3.67 NIGERIA
Roa Iktissadia REVIEW, Algeria 2253-0088 3.29 ALGERIA
International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences  2319-5886    3.83 INDIA
International Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology 2326-7291           3.87 USA
American Journal of Innovative Research & Applied Sciences 2429-5396    3.78 France
Biotechnological Research 2395-6763      1.67 India
PEM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine 2312-9352    2.53 Russia
Theoretical & Applied Science 2308-4944/2409-0085 2.79 Kazakhstan
Egyptian Journal of Social Work 2356-9204/2356-9212 1.37 Egypt
Innovación y Desarrollo Tecnológico Revista Digital 2007-4786 2.67 Mexico
Journal of Human and Social Science Research 2331-4974 3.81 USA
International Journal of Research Publications in Engineering and Technology 2454-7875 1.73 India
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology (IJMTST) 2455-3778 1.57 India
AL-ALBAB 0216-6143/2502-8340 2.81 Indonesia
Advance in Agriculture and Biology 2311-0163/2310-9343 2.39 Pakistan
Bulletin of Reviewer 2415-797X 1.36 Russia
American International Journal of Contemporary Scientific Research 2349-4425 3.81 India
Asian Journal of Home Science 0973-4732/0976-8351 5.73 India
The Asian Journal of Animal Science 0973-4791/0976-8963 5.89 India
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